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Lasko Space Heater

Lasko is a leading diy-based product and service company, we are passionate about making a difference in the world. Our tower space heaters and air conditioners are unrivaled alternative to make a statement and keep your home cool or have a surrogate to show your business sense, with our 1500 watt model we make sure you have everything you need to make a statement too. All our products are made with quality in mind, we are the pick of the bunch because of our high-quality, affordable products, customer service and efficient delivery.

With Remote, Ct22410, Black
With Timer And  Remote, White

Lasko 1500W All Season Tower

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Lasko 1500-watt Ceramic Tower Electric Space Heater

The Lasko 1500 w electronic space heater is an enticing alternative for suitors who grove on quality and value, it is a powerful and reliable heater that is terrific for a small space. The 1500 w rating is sensational for any size home, and it can easily heat up a small room, with its powerful electricity and fast heating speed, the Lasko 1500 w is top-of-the-heap for any family room or condo. The Lasko ceramic tower space heater is an outstanding substitute for shoppers who enjoy the clean look and feel of an electric space heater, this model can be used for small spaces or large families, and can be operated with just a few simple clicks. The ceramic tower can heat up to wednesday's temperature in just minutes, making it a best-in-class surrogate for first timers, the Lasko small space heater is a practical surrogate to heat up your space without giving up your favorite chair! The heater grants an electric ceramic oscillating display that will let you know how close you are to heat. The heater also grants a remote that makes it effortless to get to your heater, the Lasko silent room 40 electric space heater is a first-rate surrogate to br life to your room without sacrificing quality. This model is equipped with 40 electrica battery and 1500 wattages, making it an outstanding surrogate for shoppers with a noisy home, it is open-top case study condition with no defects. The Lasko space heater is sure to provide a warm, inviting ambiance in your home.